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Exciting plans for Altasurance and our clients in 2022

Last year, we officially announced a name change to Altasurance from Red Rock Insurance Group. Even though the name changed we are still the same agency with the same ownership and the same team. A significant part of our reasoning behind the name change was to symbolize all of the many exciting developments & enhancements that are planned for our company and our clients in the future.

Since the name change – and long before, our team has been working extremely hard to implement new features & services, and we will continue to plan, design and develop enhancements. In 2022 and going forward, Altasurance will continue to focus on enhancing the way we serve you, and bringing you more new solutions for making your overall experience even better. We are very excited to unveil the first round of new services, solutions & features right here, right now.

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Some of these programs are live and ready for you to enjoy – you may have already experienced them during our preliminary roll outs. And, some are progressing though phases of design and development that will be available for you soon. What we want you to know, though, is that everything we are doing is 100% intended to make your life a little easier and better – at least when it comes to managing this one part of your busy life.

So, here’s a look at what you can look forward to from Altasurance in 2022.

Insurance Mobile App

Available: NOW

Altasurance clients now have access to a mobile app that provides you with anytime, anywhere access to your insurance policies, agency, and agent. The Glovebox app makes it simple & easy for you to manage all of your insurance policies from one platform – even if you have multiple carriers. And, it is loaded with features that offer convenience and peace of mind.
  • ID Cards & Insurance
  • Communication & Service Requests
  • File & Manage Claims
  • Billing & Payments
  • And much, much more
The Glovebox app is a great way for Altasurance clients to engage with their insurance agency and take added control of their insurance.

NEW PRODUCT: Home Warranties

Available: NOW

Altasurance has partnered with an awesome, new provider of Home Warranties in order to offer our clients even more complete coverage of their homes. Adding access for our clients to an excellent Home Warranty product will allow Altasurance to help you when you want coverage from unexpected and expensive costs that are not covered by a homeowners insurance policy.

Learn more about your access to these Home Warranties, who the provider is, and why we have decided that this is a product we want to offer by clicking the link below.

Referrals & Rewards Program

Available: NOW

As with all local businesses, Altasurance relies on referrals of new customers from our existing clients. It’s truly the lifeblood of our company. The support that you provide through referrals allows us to continue developing new services and growing our team – all to serve you better & better.

We are incredibly grateful for our family of clients and all of the support that you have provided – past, present & future. So, as our way of saying “Thank you!” we wanted to develop a fun yet simple Altasurance Rewards program.

Client Communication & Resources

Available: NOW

As a company, Altasurance is committed to establishing unparalleled communication with our clients. A big part of that commitment is providing every client with more options to effectively communicate with their agent – or our support team, in ways that are both convenient and efficient. Of course, your traditional methods of communication – call, text or email – will always be options for you. But, now you will be able to chat with us online or use simple online forms to create Service Request tickets. And, all Altasurance clients have access to the Glovebox app which can be used to communicate with us, as well as the first phase of our new Client Support database!

Professional Partners Program

Available: SOON

At Altasurance, we want to provide you with a single source for as many solutions, and services as possible. However, we know that there are many professionals in other fields that you work with when you have needs that fall outside of our areas of expertise. We are working to establish relationships with experts in a number of industries relevant to Altasurance and our clients. Our goal is to create more efficient, streamlined processes and better communication within the professionals that serve you – our clients. And, we want to develop better awareness of your o ptions within these different industries so that we can provide you with better consultations and advice.

Behind the Scenes: Growth & Enhancements

Available: IN PROGRESS

Many of the changes and enhancements at Altasurance are being made behind the scenes. These changes – such as software and platforms, are intended to streamline our operations so that we can more effectively & more efficiently support you.

We are also entering a stage of growth. Soon, we will be looking for new team members to fill roles that are designed to facilitate the changes and enhancements that are taking place. If you – or someone you know, would be interested in learning more about the opportunities that are coming please reach out to us at ABCDEFG or stay tuned for updates!