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Need general to request general service or support from the Altasurance team?

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Give Us a Call

Call our office and speak with our local support team.

Request Form

Use an easy online form to request documents from your Altasurance agent.

Use the App

Altasurance clients have access to the Glovebox app for mobile documents and other conveniences.

Give Us a Call

Call our office and speak with our local support team.

Request Form

Use an easy online form to submit your request to your Altasurance agent.

Use the App

Manage your insurance from your phone with the Glovebox app.

General Service & Support Overview

Requesting for general service or support from Altasurance can be handled by choosing from your preference of several convenient methods.

If you need general service & support from Altasurance - or are not sure what type of help you need, you have several options from which to choose to ask for help. General service requests are managed by the Altasurance support team on a first come first serve basis.

Before we cover your options for requesting general service, let's go over some of the more specific needs with which you may be seeking assistance. If your request falls into one of the following categories please click the link respective to your need so that we can more efficiently and effectively provide the help you need.

  • Insurance document or insurance ID card. If you are looking for information about insurance documents or identification cards - or how to obtain a copy, please click here.
  • Insurance payments & billing. For information regarding billing or paying your insurance premiums please click here.
  • Account changes & updates. If you need information or help with updating account level information - such as contact info or mailing address - please click here.
  • Insurance policy changes. If you need information or help with making changes to an existing insurance policy - including updating policy info such as drivers, vehicles or marital status - please click here.
  • Insurance claims. If you need to request assistance with a new or existing insurance claim please click here.

If you need service that does not fall into one of the above categories you may initiate a service request by choosing one of the following options:

Mobile App

For your convenience, Altasurance clients can request service from your Altasurance agent or our support team from their mobile phone using the Glovebox App, which can be downloaded on any Android or Apple phone. The app also allows you to access to your insurance policies and policy documents, manage their account, and file insurance claims.

Give Us a Call

If you prefer to speak with someone directly about your service request then you can do so by calling the Altasurance support team. Just give us a call and let us know what you need - and we will be more than happy to help you!

By Email

You are always welcome to send an email directly to your primary agent or the Altasurance support team members that have been assigned to your account. If email is your preference then we will be happy to support you through that channel!

Create a Service Ticket Online

If you prefer, you can create a service ticket requesting service by using our Online Service Ticket System. You may access the form by clicking here or using the link in the first section of this page.

Have other questions or need help?

If this quick reference did not answer your question - or if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Altasurance support team at any time.

Need Help with Something Else?

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