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Altasurance clients can now manage their insurance from a mobile app

Altasurance is committed to creating an ideal balance of modern technology and traditional human-to-human customer service in order to provide you with the best possible insurance customer experience. To take a huge next step towards achieving this balance Altasurance clients now have immediate access to the Glovebox mobile app that allows you to have access to your insurance policies, agency and agent from anywhere, at anytime.

Meet the Glovebox app

Available: NOW

With the Glovebox App, Altasurance clients have access to their insurance policies, agency, and agent like never before. Now from your mobile phone, you have an incredibly convenient option for managing your Altasurance account & policies, and communicating with your insurance agency & agent . It’s easy to set up, and free to use for all Altasurance clients.

  • ID Cards & Insurance
  • Communication & Service Requests
  • File & Manage Claims
  • Billing & Payments
  • And much, much more

Blending modern technology with old-fashioned service.

We are providing access to Glovebox as a way to enhance your relationship with Altasurance and your insurance agent – not as a way of minimizing your 1-to-1 engagement. Ultimately, we want you to see that having access to a mobile app for insurance is a way to push Altasurance one step closer to our vision of creating the perfect insurance agency for modern times. We are committed to building an agency that provides our clients with the best possible insurance customer experience by combining the conveniences & efficiencies of modern technology with personal connections of old-fashioned customer service that only a live human can offer.

If mobile apps and doing business on your phone isn’t really your thing, that’s ok – all of our traditional methods for access and communication will always remain available. However, for anyone that does love the option of putting your insurance in the palm of your hand, then we hope that you will download the Glovebox app right away and check it out. And, please let us know your thoughts! After all, Altasurance is your insurance agency – we work for you, and everything we do is in an effort to provide you with an overall solution better than you’ll find anywhere else.

To learn more and download the Glovebox app click this link. And, we would really appreciate any thoughts or questions that you may have. Please use the form below if you have time to send us some feedback now.